Tokachi Fireworks

The Tokachi fireworks show is held on August 13th every year and is hosted by Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper. The latest technology and performances are always used, and this show is considered one of the best in Japan, as it is a highly entertaining show where music, lighting, and fireworks come together.

The highlight is that a performance combining fireworks, lighting, and music is played out across 6 stages with different themes. It is said that roughly 20,000 fireworks are set off across about an hour and a half.

Venue: Obihiro City, Tokachi River Bank Special Venue
Fees: In addition to for-pay viewing seats, there are free viewing seats
Venue Information: There are stands and restrooms in the area
Venue Access: There is no parking lot near the venue. There is a shuttle bus service from the special parking lot.
There is also a shuttle bus service from Obihiro Station (about 5 minutes) It is about 20 minutes by foot from Obihiro Station